Top 10 Online Gluten-Free Cooking and Baking Classes

Going gluten-free doesn’t mean that you have to give up some of your favorite foods – things like bread, pasta, and cookies. With these baking and cooking classes, you’ll learn all about ingredient replacements, recipes, and equipment to open up your kitchen to a world of possibilities.

Gluten-Free Baking

Website: America’s Test Kitchen
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Gluten-free baking is a bit of a mystery for many of us. What does gluten-free flour mean? Will a gluten-free cake taste as good as the regular version actually? Learn what new ingredients and new techniques are needed for a delicious baking in this online cooking class.

You’ll learn how to combine basic ingredients from the grocery store to make gluten-free flour blend perfect for many baked goods and breads. The instructors will share their favorite product ingredients and equipment with you, and what drawbacks to look for when it comes to making gluten-free versions of your favorite baked goods. And finally, get baking for a perfect gluten-free Yellow Layer Cake, Blueberry Pie and Sugar Cookies with our recipes.

pasta dish on white plate

Gluten-Free Italian Classics

Website: Blu Print
Instructor: Kristine Kidd
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Crumbly gluten-free pastas and pizza crusts are a thing of the past when you have recipes and strategies from the cookbook author and gluten-free specialist Kristine Kidds. Get used to gluten-free flours, grains, and starches. Then get tips on picking and cooking gluten-free pastas purchased from the supermarket, and make homemade egg fettuccine from scratch.

Kristine shares her recipes to whip up a rich sausage ragù for creamy ricotta-herb ravioli, and she also discusses a tasty variety of spinach. Parmesan eggplant gets a makeover with gluten-free breadcrumbs and layers of gooey cheese; pair it with homemade rosemary and flatbread olive oil for a go-to meal.

Finally, make the perfect gluten-free pizza crust for a classic red or white pizza, soft and chewy on the inside, crispy on the outside. For easy Italian indulgence any night of the week, find out how to dry your pasta or freeze your ravioli and pizza crusts!

Baking with the Gluten-Free Girl

Website: Bluprint
Instructor: Shauna James Ahern
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Discover how the James Beard Award winner Shauna James Ahern, also known as The Gluten-Free Kid, uses gluten-free flours for your favorite baked goods. Learn how to make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies that are better than the “real” thing, and whip up a “mile-high” apple pie with a crust that is unbelievably delicious!

Then wow everyone with irresistible hazelnut-banana bread at the brunch or book club, and make a fluffy yellow cake overlaid with luscious buttercream frosting. And, for incredibly moist results, find out how coconut oil can mimic butter texture and taste in your cake. Finally, learn how to substitute other ingredients to make the ultimate gluten-free pizza dough and classic sandwich bread. Shauna will also share her tricks for making delicious artisan bread with an unbeatable crumb and crust.

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Gluten-Free Cooking

Website: International Open Academy
Instructor: Chef Cynthia Louise
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Looking for tasty, nutritious, and easy-to-cook gluten-free meals? Are you looking for inspiration for a delicious gluten-free recipe for a special occasion? This video course has your back.

Avoiding gluten is a routine requirement in the US for 3 million persons with celiac disease. It is a severe condition whereby the small intestine is impaired by gluten. This course can help those affected avoid symptoms as varied as bloating, headaches or skin problems.

Gluten-Free Bread Baking

Website: Gluten-Free Baking Academy
Instructor: Heather Crosby
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Years of ingredient and recipe testing, analysis, baking hours, and elbow grease went into this course’s creation and the game-changing secrets inside really show. You don’t have to head down the aisle of flour, scratching your head as you wonder “which flour is better for what?” or “which one am I really going to use instead of gathering dust in the pantry?” This course will outfit you with the tools, recipes, and know-how to bake at home, even if you claim that you “can’t bake.”

person eating cake

Going Gluten-Free: Mastering a Versatile, Delicious Cake For All Diets

Website: SkillShare
Instructor: Erin McKenna, Chef, Erin McKenna’s Bakery
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Erin McKenna is the founder and baker for the leading gluten-free, organic, kosher bakery in NYC’s Lower East Side, Erin McKenna’s Bakery. Join her on baking the perfect cake with substitutions to match every diet in this delectable 25-minute lesson!

Whether you’re choosing fitness or health, this quick and enjoyable class takes you behind Erin’s bakery counter where the magic happens. Erin breaks down two classic cake recipes in their necessary ratios and combinations which are both signature to her bakery. She talks about each ingredient, discusses alternatives, and offers tips and tricks to make sure that your cake tastes good and bakes well.

Deliciously Gluten-Free Artisan Breads

Website: Udemy
Instructor: Dragan Matijevic
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The course is constructed around seven main recipes that demonstrate various basic techniques in gluten-free baking. It begins by exploring the principles of GF baking and reviewing the main ingredients. In particular, you’ll discover a surprisingly broad range of naturally gluten-free flours to add appeal to your hand-baked breads.

As the course goes along, you’ll learn how to mix your own flours and how to store them in portion-sized bags in your weekly bake for ultimate convenience. You’ll learn classic white sandwich bread then move on to more hand-made loaves, baguettes, pizzas, and rolls. The course will cover enough ground to please even the most demanding, whether you’ve just landed on planet GF or have been diagnosed 20 years ago. Escape to a land of gluten-free elegance!

Gluten-Free Vegetarian Cooking

Website: Aim Healthy U
Instructor: Mary Margaret Chappell
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The food editor of the Vegetarian Times, Mary Margaret Chappell, has been overseeing and writing gluten-free articles and features of the magazine for the past decade and has learned a lot in the process. She shares her tips and experience in this one-of-a-kind cooking class on everything from keeping the gluten out of your diet to tailoring your favorite recipes with the perfect ingredients for the job.

The immersive lessons of the course include videos, slideshows, quizzes, and discussion boards that will direct you through the ins and outs of going gluten-free, whether it is for a single recipe, a series of meals, or a lifetime.

Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free and Flavorful: 3 Quick-Fix Savory Recipes

Website: SkillShare
Instructor: Morgan Lindsay Nelson
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Learn how milk- and gluten-free eating doesn’t mean you have to give up taste! Morgan Lindsay Nelson guides you through the steps in this 20-minute class to build 3 simple and savory recipes.

This class is great for people dealing with gluten and dairy intolerances like Morgan, or for people who want to eat a little healthier and add flavor to their meals. You will receive printouts of each of the recipes as well as new and fun ideas on how to use them. Hint: they are far more versatile than you would expect!

closeup photo of chocolate chip cookies

Classic Cookies 101

Website: Gluten-Free Baking Academy
Instructor: Heather Crosby
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Being “gluten-free” is not meant to be a punishment. With our self-paced, online gluten-free cookies course, you can say “goodbye” to heartbreaking baking disasters and cash-sucking recipe experiments, and “hello” to game-changing peanut butter cookies, shortbread butter, and crispy, lacey Florentines! You’ll walk away with the know-how and equipment to bake comfortably in your own home, even if you think you can’t “bake.”

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