Top 10 Online Vegan Cooking & Baking Classes

Vegan cooking at its core can be quite easy to learn and comes with a variety of side benefits: more affordable meals, health benefits, and spending quality time in the kitchen with loved ones. We’ve collected 10 of the top vegan cooking and baking classes online for you to get started.

The Everyday Gourmet: Cooking with Vegetables

Website: The Great Courses
Instructor: Chef Bill Briwa
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Too often when we cook, vegetables are an afterthought. They have long been relegated to second-class status, whether eaten as a side dish or mindlessly heated out of a frozen packet.  Yet with the farm-to-table movement’s broad appeal, and chefs everywhere showcasing seasonal produce and creative cooking methods to differentiate their menus, vegetables have finally transitioned from something we have to eat to something we want to eat.

This course is presented in 24 lessons by Chef Bill Briwa, an award-winning Professor of Culinary Arts at the esteemed culinary school The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone. Chef Briwa provides the insight and techniques you need to cook with vegetables no matter what your skill level.

Essential Vegan Desserts

Website: Rouxbe
Instructor: Chef Fran Gostigan
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Essential Vegan Desserts is an online course focused on the popular Vegan Baking Boot Camp organized by Fran Costigan. This 90-day course focuses on critical techniques and recipes so that you can trustfully make quality vegan desserts.

The course starts with an overview of key equipment, selection and function of ingredients, and the basic techniques for making desserts without the use of eggs and dairy. As you move forward, learning activities and recipes will demonstrate your ability to prepare and finish a variety of vegan desserts ranging from pies, cakes, tarts and cookies to mousses, gels, trifles, and sauces.

Vegan pastry chef Fran Costigan is a culinary instructor, cookbook author, consultant, and Rouxbe Director of Vegan Pastry. Transform Traditional Desserts is one of the premier dessert and pastry courses online.

Wicked Party Food

Website: Wicked
Instructor: Chef Chad Sarno
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The goal of this class is to encourage you to cook and eat more plants, and to give back to other wicked organizations that do the same, so we can see tangible changes in human and animal health.

Wicked Healthy Food is run by Derek and Chad Sarno. Derek Sarno is a professional vegan chef and is committed to bringing delicious, unpretentious vegan foods to market. Chad Sarno is the co-founder and VP of Culinary for the plant-based seafood company, Good Catch Foods.

Baking Swaps

Website: bluprint
Instructor: Joshua John Russell
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With a few tips and swaps of ingredients, it’s easy to make your favorite sweet recipes suit your dietary needs. Join resident cake slayer and pastry chef Joshua John Russell as he shares smart baking substitutes to make four tasty cakes. You’ll be able to change recipes for all sorts of special (or not-so-special) occasions by the end of the class. Furthermore, find out how Joshua changed his eating habits to match his own nutritional needs.

Vegan cupcakes

The Science of Easy Vegan Baking

Website: Skillshare
Instructor: Samita Sarkar
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The Science of Easy Vegan Baking features 10 easy-to-follow, entirely vegan recipes to help people new to dessert baking gain an understanding of the basics. It includes cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and even home-made icing. None of the recipes use dairy, meat, or peanut butter, so they can accommodate those with allergies and other dietary restrictions.

Classic Vegan Italian

Website: Veecoco
Chef Alberto
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There are many reasons why Italian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Italian recipes are delicious and flavorful. You can also find an incredible range of recipes all based on the same ingredients and concepts perfected over the centuries. In fact, one of the healthiest food options can be Italian food. It is rich in fruits, aromatic spices, grains and legumes that are selected fresh.

With more than 30 years of experience in cooking, chef Alberto has a deep knowledge of Italian cuisine and understands how to use flavors and ingredients to create traditional local dishes. He has taught cooking classes to hundreds of students from all around the world. Veecoco offers multiple course options, whether you’d like to purchase access to this course, or access to all 13 courses they offer.

Raw vegan food

Introduction to Raw Vegan Food: A Guide for Beginners

Website: Udemy
Instructor: Norma Strang
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Are you looking for a higher level of fitness and wellbeing? Try eating organic vegan food! This course explains why Raw Vegan Food is perfect for you and shows you that if you learn how, ANYONE can cook it. During this course, you’ll learn basics like shopping and storing food, how to use equipment like the Vitamix, food processor, dehydrator, and spiraliser, and finally 10 great raw vegan recipes. 

Instructor Norma Strang is a certified raw food chef and has taught over 2,000 students on Udemy.

Vegan Cooking – Learn Easy and Delicious Vegan Recipes

Website: Udemy
Instructor: N2 vegan
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Do you struggle with delicious vegan recipes while cooking? This vegan cooking course will teach you how to prepare vegan recipes step by step so that you and your family can have a variety of vegan food to enjoy!

You’ll learn recipes for appetizers like spicy edamame and cauliflower wings, entrees like orzo pasta, stuffed mushrooms, and stuffed sweet potatoes, and desserts like chocolate mousse, energy bites, and chocolate cookies.

Cook Real Food: How to Make Simple Plant-Based Meals

Website: Udemy
Instructor: Evita Ochel
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One of the most important and necessary skills to have today is learning how to feed ourselves in a way that supports our wellbeing and suits our modern constraints! Cook Real Food takes you on a journey of self-empowerment to develop trust, comfort, and imagination when working in your kitchen with whole plant foods. Cook Real Food is a hands-on course with a holistic foundation.

This course is suitable for all levels from beginner to expert chefs. You’ll learn everything from how to set up a kitchen, plant-based cooking for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, stocking your kitchen for plant-based meals, and everyday meal preparation.

Vegan breakfast

Breakfast & Brunch Classics

Website: Brownble
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What better way to start your breakfast than this? Or just a brunch? Or evening breakfasts (Brinner)? You’ll enjoy all of the photos, recipes, and printables included in this course.

Kim, the lead chef behind Brownble, has a professional plant-based cooking certification and created the Brownble online vegan cooking school with her husband Carlos.

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