Top 10 Online Healthy Cooking & Baking Classes

Healthy cooking and baking doesn’t mean removing taste. Discover how to cater to a healthier diet or even specific dietary restrictions while still cooking simple, delicious meals for you or your family. We’ve put together a collection of the top healthy cooking and baking classes online.

Making Sugar-Free Desserts

Website: Happy Bellyfish
Instructor: Anastasia Sharova
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This course will teach you how to cook several desserts without the use of sugar to make sure they are tasty and healthy at the same time. These desserts can be prepared right in the kitchen quickly. The course covers plenty of tasty desserts, including cakes, tarts, candies, and gummies.

Healthy Cooking Fundamentals

Website: Udemy
Instructor: Chef Nic DeMuth
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The class is about learning easy ways to prepare delicious meals using a few basic ingredients like salt and oil. The instructor uses a cashew curry recipe to demonstrate the whole process, which you’ll learn how to cook by the end of the course.

The instructor, Chef Nic DeMuth, is a New York-trained health-supportive chef and founder of the Up Beet Kitchen.

Cooking Chicken: Best Recipes for Cheap & Healthy Cooking

Website: Udemy
Instructor: Jenna Edwards
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This class looks at the various recipes that can be used to cook chicken at home. Through this, there is a wide variety of options for the recipes to use when cooking chicken to avoid the monotony of one taste. Recipes range from pan-seared and poaching to whole roasted chicken and Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Everyday Healthy Eating

Website: Bluprint
Instructor: Joy Bauer and Jenna Bush Hager
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This class teaches the importance of eating healthy foods over unhealthy ones. It provides advice on how to be conscious about what one eats, and tips on how to choose foods that are healthy.

Joy Bauer and Jenna Bush Hager take you through an entire day’s worth of meals, including early morning energy, power lunch, afternoon brain drain, and dinner.

Healthy Cooking Bootcamp

Website: Happy Bellyfish
Instructor: Happy Bellyfish
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This cooking class emphasizes the major aspects of maintaining a healthy diet by mastering the art of healthy cooking. This is a 10-day course teaching how to prepare healthy meals.

You’ll learn the healthiest methods to cook, cooking without oil, utensils for healthy cooking, healthy cooking swaps, nutrition-dense foods to include in your diet, and how to satisfy junk food cravings in a healthy way.

Wicked Healthy Party Food

Website: Wicked Healthy
Instructor: Chef Shan
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Chef Shan goes through several quick recipes that can be used to prepare party foods that are healthy and affordable, prepared locally in the kitchen by anyone. The recipes are mostly for plant-based foods, perfect for vegetarian and vegan cooking.

Meal Planning Made Easy – Five Healthy & Delicious Breakfasts in 10 Minutes

Website: Skillshare
Instructor: Veronica Lamb
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Veronica Lamb helps in coming up with different recipes that can be used to prepare oatmeals for breakfast. She uses some of her personal favorite recipes, which are healthy and at the same time, deliciously prepared in just a few minutes.

You’ll learn some of instructor Veronica’s recipes, including peanut butter cookie, blueberry compote comfort, crunchy nuts and berries, banana nut bread, and many more.

Energy Bites: Healthy and Delicious Snacks & Treats

Website: Skillshare
Instructor: Margaret Joyner
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This class is about preparing healthy and energy-filled snacks. Margaret Joyner shows how healthy bites can be prepared using three recipes from her personal collection to conduct the class. Use your kitchen to cook these healthy and delicious energy bites that are mom and kid approved!

Making Healthy Food Taste Great

Website: The Great Courses
Instructor: Multiple Professors
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This class is aimed at inspiring people not to think of healthy foods as boring or tasteless that require complicated recipes. The teachers will inspire you with healthy recipes that can be prepared with familiar ingredients but cooked in a way not to compromise on taste.

In this course, you’ll learn the foundation of healthy foods, nutritious and satisfying whole grains, adding flavor with healthy oils, understanding your choices of proteins, and cooking with powerful micronutrients.

Gluten Free Baking

Healthy Baking Class Online – Gluten-Free, Vegan, Soy & Sugar-Free

Website: Real Food for Life
Diana Herrington
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This class demonstrates and emphasizes the benefits of baking anything while avoiding sugar, gluten, and soy. The ingredients used are healthy, and the sweeteners used are very natural to maintain the taste.

This healthy baking bootcamp features not just training videos, but also specific shopping instructions and access to the instructor by email or phone!

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