Amphitheater Cooking Class: Knife Skills 101

Date(s) - 04/13/2019
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Event Details

Sharpen your knife skills and hone your techniques in the second of two new amphitheater cooking classes. We all know how to slice and dice, but what does it mean to julienne, chiffonade, tournee, or oblique cut? Chef Patrick tackles these terms, breaking down the elements of each cut, explaining the context for their use, as well as their effects on texture and cooking time. Learn what knives to use, how to hone and sharpen your knife at home, and of course sample an assortment of snackery made through the use of each technique.
Join us at 6:00 in the Coltivare amphitheater for a fun and interactive class complete with demo and instruction, munchables, and an adult beverage pairing (sip with peace of mind, you won’t be wielding the knife in this class). An ideal class for couples, friends, and the outgoing solo cook looking to meet new people. No experience or expertise necessary.
$50 price per person is all inclusive (food/drink/instruction).
Find a Q&A with Chef Patrick in the staff section of the Coltivare website at:


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