Visit a nutritionist’s edible garden: growing & cooking seasonal nutrition

Date(s) - 03/30/2019
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Frimley Green


Event Details

Guests will visit the garden of a Registered Nutritionist who is a nutritional scientist, passionate foodie and edible plant grower. Explore the working gardens designed to produce and display a wide variety of edible plants, including fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants for infusions. The garden is divided into different areas: the fruit cage, vegetable garden, herb borders, decorative edible borders, edible trees and shrubs and a pond with an edible bog garden.

There are trees, shrubs, tubers, perennials and annual plants. There are over 100 types of edible plants (e.g. potatoes and tomatoes) and over 200 varieties (e.g. red and blue potatoes; red and yellow tomatoes) grown in the garden throughout the year. These include unusual food plants (e.g mashua, oca and yacon), heritage varieties (e.g. Broad Ripple Yellow Currant tomatoes) and unusual coloured varieties (purple mangetout, yellow raspberries) which are rare to find in UK supermarkets.

Learn about the nutrition, history and practical advice on how to grow, harvest and cook different fruits and vegetables. During your visit you can focus on the garden and growing fruits and vegetables or have a practical nutrition-focused cooking session. The time can be used to reflect the interests of guests, from how to grow specific crops, how to cook specific crops or nutritional guidance around a variety of topics.

Events are kept to small groups. Guests will also have the opportunity to discuss general nutrition questions throughout the experience. Bespoke dates and times are also possible.



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