Introduction to Nutritional Easy Vegan Cooking

Date(s) - 03/23/2019
10:30 am - 1:30 pm


Event Details

Good nutritional habits are all about knowing your ingredients, how they interact with your body and using them to maximise your output.  Although we may know that certain foods are healthy, we don’t always know how to incorporate them in our cooking in order to create exciting and tasty recipes.  That’s where we can help.

Our nutritional cooking class is an introduction to healthy easy vegan cooking that enables you to incorporate the healthiest foods into exciting and tasty dishes in a non-technical and uncomplicated way.  The class starts off by looking at the importance of certain nutrient groups in our diet and examines how to cook with nutrient dense ingredients to optimise our calorific intake.

The class will explore the ‘Top Ten’ must have foods in our diet as well as nutritionally rich herbs and spices to elevate the flavours in food.  The recipes will range from breakfast, brunch and lunch ideas to main meals and anytime of the day quick fixes, snacks and treats, all of which are designed to deliver delicious flavoursome meals to change your eating habits and awaken the passionate cook within you.  Eating healthily doesn’t have to be to be boring – let us show you how.

You’ll learn to create a range of the following dishes:

Breakfast/Brunch: Bircher muesli, avocado on toast/guacamole, tofu scramble,
Lunch: Sautéed saffron tofu with red peppers and olives, quinoa with black beans and parsley in a lemon olive oil dressing, Super green filling salad, roasted ginger, chilli and maple vegetables
Desserts: Raw chocolate torte cake, banana and oat cookies

We will also make time for some meditation to relax the body and mind at the beginning and end of the day to set the intention for the day and give thanks at the end of the day for all we have ‘successfully’ created!


About the class

The class will be a hands on workshop where you will get involved in the creation of the foods specific to the days class, see exactly what goes into the dishes, how much, feel the textures for yourself in order to experience first hand how the foods are made.  There will be an introduction on health and nutrition, why cooking mindfully and with focus is key, working cleanly as you go along and where to source ingredients and products.  You will also be given a recipe card of what we have made during the class and some note paper so you can make your own notes.

The atmosphere will be friendly and relaxed and you will have the confidence to work in a safe environment.


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