Growing and Cooking with Bushfoods

Date(s) - 03/09/2019
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Event Details

Bushfoods are native Australian plants that produce edible fruits, seeds, nuts, leaves or roots and were important foods for the indigenous Australians prior to European colonisation. There are many that grow well in the SE QLD area and that can make a nutritious and tasty addition to our local cuisine. In this workshop, we will harvest and cook bushfoods that are in season, including Bunya nuts, lilli pilli, round lime and native tamarind, to prepare a bushfood lunch to eat together. We will look at the many bushfood plants growing at Northey Street City Farm and learn how to recognise them and how to grow and care for them. We will also propagate some bushfood plants and learn how how best to place them in our gardens.

Cost: $100/$85 Health Care Concession Card Holder


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