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Everyday Guide to Beer

Beer is a thing of beauty. Four simple ingredients—yeast, malt, hops, and water—combined under the right conditions, can create a product that is wholesome, delicious, and satisfying. But making and enjoying a quality beer is not always simple.

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Secrets of Gluten-Free Baking

Join Certified Master Baker Richard Coppedge Jr., as he shares years of experience and knowledge in making gluten-free recipes. Start by learning how to imitate your favorite gluten-filled treats in texture and flavor. Then make different flour mixes, one with tender dough that won't break and one ...

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Baking With the Gluten-Free Girl

Discover how James Beard Award-Winner Shauna James Ahern, also known as The Gluten-Free Kid, makes gluten-free flours for your favorite baked goods. Learn how to make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies that are better than the "real" thing, and whip up a mile-high apple pie with a crust that cannot ...

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Cracking the Egg: 25 Ways to Transform Your Cooking

The secret to successful cooking and baking? Knowing the best ways to work with eggs, and Sur La Table Resident Chef Kyle Shankman is sharing his technical tips for the most egg-cellent dishes yet. Second, get professional advice on how to cook and peel boiled eggs exactly the way you like it. ...

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Perfecting the Pie Crust

The best pie crust is a work of art. You can learn the skills required to conquer crust with Evan's guidance, like how to make luscious fruit pies or hearty, savory pies. Evan also shares her decoration methods, including crimping, producing appliqués, and making delicate crusts of lattice. Simple ...

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French Pastry Shop Classics

Create decadent texture and tastes while learning how to make French pastries, taught by Colette Christian, an expert pastry chef! Discover pâte à choux, the only pastry dough that can be fried on the stovetop, and learn to pipe it into beautiful éclairs and cream puffs. Whip up luscious vanilla ...

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Top 10 Online Dessert Cooking & Baking Classes

Ready to get started making tasty desserts at home? Or ready to add a little sweetness to your next date night? There are plenty of excellent online dessert classes that will walk you through a wide range of delectable treats, from cakes to pastries. Here are our favorites! Pies & Tarts for ...

Top 9 Online Vegetarian Cooking Classes

A well-structured vegetarian diet can help reduce the risk of chronic disease, support weight loss, and improve the quality of the meals you eat every day. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top online cooking classes dedicated to vegetarian cooking. Big Bowls: Hearty Vegetarian Meals ...

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